Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome to Samurai Leader

Samurai leader painted on a Chenghua miniature porcelain vase
Hello readers and welcome to our new blog !

We started this new project as a place for
  • discoveries; 
  • assistance in web design, e-commerce, marketing
  • enable on-line interactive 3D web-based object movies for us and for our customers.
We are a small team of computers, telecommunications and new technologies enthusiasts who share with passion and pleasure their knowledge and we hope this blog will provide you a good insight into our work in a relaxing manner.

Samurai leader painted on a miniature porcelain vase marked Chenghua on bottom

We are also enthusiasts about nature, travel, art (in any form of it) and we intend also to share with you
  • inspirational stories about honor, courage, loyalty, honesty,  appreciation of arts and self-control.
  • Game / Sport / Art of Go / Baduk / Wei Qi
  • Zen and Oriental philosophies
  • observations and reflections 
  • Code of the Samurai
  • multipurpose tips, 
  • photos and movies, 
  • the latest about the World around us. 
Of course we hope you will enjoy our new blog and we look forward to receive your feedback. Keep one eye for upcoming posts  or through RSS and Atom feeds - also available. We hope to became a guide for succeeding in today's very complex World. On that note, we welcome your input regarding possible topics, wishes or suggestions and invite you to contact us at admin@samuraileader.com

Thanks so much for visiting our blog!  
Samurai Leader Team  

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  1. It sounds like an interesting idea. I cannot wait to see what you will post.